Esc key method If an external keyboard is attached to the notebook, either directly or via a docking station or a port-replicator, disconnect it. I was at Pilot Training for a month without a computer thanks to the malfunction. Oh, the adapter is fine, its a kensington universal watt. Any help would be awesome. Also, there were intermittent times when the flickering lasted as long as a few seconds.

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If the Toshiba Hardware utility is not present, try the F2 key method and the Esc key method see below. Actually it was necessary to apply some pressure on the motherboard itself to start the computer. Torque the screen a little bit and see if you can get the video back.

Take a closer look at toshiba satellite m35x-s114 power jack on the system board with a magnifying glass. The pen caused a hugr black screen displaed image. The product itsel is called Isotip and is reasonably priced in my opinion. P toshiba satellite m35x-s114 P backward compatible. The laptop should boot with memory stick installed in any slot.

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Tony, Can you see any faint image on the LCD? Try to remove the hard drive, the optical drive, the wireless card, etc… one by one satfllite see if you can get rid of the noise.

Just in case test the video output on an external monitor. My laptop screen is exactly as described in example 7. Satelliet used to info you had for disassembling a Toshiba Satellite A70 that was having problems satellit a buggy AC connector. Toshiba satellite m35x-s114 have a Toshiba Satelite P30, toshiba satellite m35x-s114 have had the same problem with the DC jack, I have stripped it down and resoldered the faulty pin. Toshiba is not helping me at all The computer is not holding the charge, it was working if i remove the battery and use the ac adapter.

The external video is fine? Do I still need to solder the piece according to your picture up top? It toshiba satellite m35x-s114 a bad display. Ben, did you check video on an external monitor?

No insult at all! Hey Garcete, If you cannot see any physical damage on the power jack pins and you toshiba satellite m35x-s114 a voltage on the exit, then most likely the jack is toshiba satellite m35x-s114 your problem. I called up tech support seeing what they would do low and behold they said it was good until november 7 of this year.

My question is…is it the toshiba satellite m35x-s114 i have ordered and replaced is bad. Maybe there is something wrong with the video cable?

Download Hitachi Drive Fitness test and test the hard drive. Also is there any kind of lawsuit against Toshiba yet on these problems? That has something to do with an eletric shock in the speaker, or around the speaker, and is definately not what my laptop was doing. What should I do? If the hard dive is toshiba satellite m35x-s114 and you can access it, probably there is nothing wrong with the hard drive itself and you have an issue with the motherboard.

Hey Matt, Did you check the power jack itself? That could take a while with all the appeals, and that 12 month period may be over before everything is settled. Then it times out and reverts back to the original monitor output. The same story with hard drives.

Most times, it just does a blink of the hdd light while the fans spin for about 5 seconds. I re-soldered the jack on the toshiba satellite m35x-s114 and bottom of the board and ohmed out the connections.

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I cleaned it all out and I put the machine back together and it worked great with the exception of toshiba satellite m35x-s114 no sound, i forgot to plug the sound cables satelite in. Remove the LCD screen from the case but do not disconnect it from the laptop.

How can I tell? Some LCD screens are not very expensive and it makes sense replacing just the screen. Toshiba satellite m35x-s114 My laptop screen is not working sayellite it has horizontel lines on it and if i connect he laptop to external toshiba satellite m35x-s114 than also it give the same horizentol line i donot where is the problem?

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The PC will have to be truly off not suspended, or in standby mode, or in hibernation mode. I started using an external monitor whenever possible but toshiba satellite m35x-s114 kind of defeats the toshiba satellite m35x-s114 of a laptop. Not sure which model, the info has worn off the label on the bottom of the machine. Two days ago it was working as normal but suddenly the power wire got disconnected… One hour later the laptop was turned on and, surprise!

If external video is fine, you might have a problem with the laptop screen.

It could be a failing fan, a bad HDD, or something else. Thank you for providing all of the laptop lcd tips.