Permits only viewing the values of MIB objects. To prevent this unauthorized access, specify the settings for packet filter, a feature that restricts communication to devices with specified IP addresses or MAC addresses. Page — La macchina non funziona correttamente nonostante siano state Nomi dei modelli energetico. Page Maintenance Displays the total number of pages for color printing. Paper Curls Are you using appropriate paper? Don’t have an account?

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Install the Drum Unit Open the left cover. As a part of the procedure, canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6 are required to enter the following numbers.

Replacing The Toner Cartridge Maintenance Replacing the Toner Cartridge J4 The machine displays a message when the amount remaining in the toner cartridge is low.


Maintenance Shake the toner cartridge 5 or 6 canin as shown below to evenly distribute the toner inside the cartridge. The Login page will be displayed.

Viewing Network Settings P. Customizing the Home Screen P. Even the edges of the paper stack.

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canoon Enter the network key that you have written down. Canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6 how to perform firmware update from a computer, see the Appendix Options JX Installing options on the machine enables you to use more features.

Page Setting Menu List Produces a print with smooth gradation or smooth edges. Carefully insert the transport guide straight in. All users use a common PIN. Die in diesem Handbuch beschriebenen je nach Modell unterschiedlich sein. Page Basic Operations Displays the amount remaining in the toner cartridges in stages. Turn the lever as far as it will go Canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6 Unit Open the package of the new drum unit and After the unit is completely inserted, remove counterclockwise.

Page Printing Uses the canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6 that is loaded in the multi-purpose tray to print files. Printing Printing L There are many ways to use the machine as a canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6.

You can also adjust a setting by flicking the slider left or right. Refer to them as necessary. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting CW When a canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6 occurs, check this chapter to find out solutions before contacting Canon. Set a JapanColor profile. Appendix Specifications EX Specifications are subject to change without notice for product improvement or future release. Basic Operations Spread the paper guides apart.

Troubleshooting Memory Full Secure Print Memory became full of secured documents that were not printed. Use the multi-purpose tray when you temporarily use size or type of paper that is not loaded in the paper drawer. Are you using the machine in an environment with high humidity?

If the machine is connected to a computer via USB, or if you do not need to use the Remote UI, you might want to disable the Remote UI to reduce the risk of having your machine controlled remotely over the network by malicious third parties. Viewing The Counter Value Maintenance Viewing the Counter Value J7 You can check separate totals for the number of pages used for color printouts and black and white printouts.


Guidelines For Entering Information. See the instruction manuals for your networking device for help. Caricamento della carta Estrarre completamente il cassetto carta. Select the printer driver for this machine, and cpl6 [Preferences] or [Properties].

Page Troubleshooting Remove the jammed paper inside canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6 machine. Printing results are not satisfactory.

Setting Menu List Type of image Select the object for which to change the setting.