This will test whether the problem is with the way the shortcut was set up or whether the problem is with VueScan. Make sure nothing is being started that might be accessing the scanner i. The LEDs should be more stable over time. An der Unterkante sind zahnradartige Zacken angebracht, mit denen der Filmhalter im Scanner transportiert werden kann. But the driver does not work. This scanner is DPI and 16 bits if you care. On Linux, use the “Prefs Viewer” option to select the application to use to view.

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This removes the vuescan. What excactly have you installed successfully?

VueScan 9 Release Notes

The LEDs should be more stable over time. The scanhancer is an inexpensive piece of magic plastic that really is inexpensive and magic. The flatbeds get better as the film gets bigger, since the flatbeds don’t have that may DPI dots per inch as dedicated film scanners, but as the film gets bigger more inches dimagw doesn’t matter. For Medium Format and 35mm: Only the driver update or also the software?

Prints are easy to scan: Anstatt eines professionellen Hilfe-Tools mit Suchfunktion, Favoriten u. Till the came out it was the best buy in one of the best flatbed scanners ever made. Ximage Minolta had already gone back to the drawing board themselves, though. konica minolta dimage scan elite 5400 ii

Only get this if you need to scan film larger than 35mm or need to retouch cracked prints, otherwise get a film-only scanner for 35mm or a cheaper scanner for just prints. Das Einlegen von normalen Film-Streifen ist kein Problem.

Test Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 II

Here are winners from past years of this page. The Minolta can cost less since their name does not extract the premium Nikon does. More on ICE here. If you’re using a Firewire scanner, make sure you’ve loaded the sbp2 module. It’s probably much better than the older and more expensive Nikon LS far below. The “Pixel Polish” software doesn’t really work, nor does any automated software for dimate defects.

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Here I read that it is possible but the software download konida adaption seems difficult for me. Dieser Testbericht beschreibt den Gegenstand wie wir ihn erhalten und getestet haben. See my review here and I’d get it here. Changes from Previous Versions What’s konica minolta dimage scan elite 5400 ii in version 9. Skip to content Burden: There have been reports of VueScan freezing while scanning using Minolta scanners when the McAfee virus scanning software is enabled.

And we take a look at what dpi actually does. The last place to buy one is a camera store. Free Newsletter Enter your email above!

Try setting the time between the power on and the SCSI bus reset to I’d get whatever Epson flatbed is the cheapest. As of March the Multi PRO has been discontinued, so if you can’t find one new or used try the other two.

Talk to your friends; scanners seem to be the least likely computer item to work properly when you get it. Microtek This has been superseded by the Microtek f.

Epson SU Photo I own one of these and love it.

Negative Scanners

And the differences between the two models are noteworthy. If you only shoot 35mm then get the II. Minolta Dimage Scan Multi. If you’re using an Epson scanner that iii a plugin library, make sure you’ve installed the Epson iscan plugin package There’s more information about this on VueScan Supported Scanners page for your scsnner.

Another advantage of this Epson is its film scan up to 6 x 12 cm originals directly.

If you have a fine optical print by Ansel Adams then there’s 5400 lot of extra detail to scan, but not from modern lab prints.