Resend upgrade The firmware upgrade was not successful. This issue occurs only in duplex models. Figure Remove the right cover 4 of 4 TIP: Close the front door and then turn on the printer. Media type and tray loading Minimum media dimensions are x mm 5.

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Rotate the transfer unit up and away from the front door. Close the front door. Troubleshooting To use the information in this chapter, you should have a basic understanding of the HP LaserJet printing process. Check the software program to verify that the file does not contain errors. Remove bp used print cartridge from the printer.

Printer pulls from an incorrect tray Cause Solution The media size is not configured correctly for the tray. The DC controller reads data at the following times: The printer configuration is not set for duplexing. The names of commands and dialog boxes might vary laserjett on your software program.

Upper Cover fuser Door Upper cover fuser door Rotate the output bin towards the front of the printer and remove it. Manage supplies Using, storing, and monitoring print cartridges can help ensure quality printer output. The network port is lsaerjet the right side of the printer.

In our hp color laserjet cp3505n printer tests, the printer conveyed fresh, sharp content directly down to the littlest sizes, and it was just here we could see a moment distinction between the two resolutions, with 1, x dpi imperceptibly more honed. Press to resume printing.

Remove the orange shipping locks and the shipping tape attached to the left shipping lock from the new print cartridge.

Tray 1 Remove the media from the tray.

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Linux For information, go to www. Manage stored jobs NOTE: The USB port is on the right side of the printer. These values are subject to change. The printer shown in the following procedure is a duplex model, and has a fan mounted to the front-cover assembly.

Hp color laserjet cp3505n printer Transfer, Step 7: Remove the upper cover. When a non-HP print cartridge is installed, a? Table Of Contents HP Color LaserJetdots in vertical lines supplies included 4 drum-rotation test timing diagram HP Color LaserJetduplexer errors toner buildup included 4 EIO cards transparencies jams, clearingengine test page traysload message Low price parts more Use watermarks A watermark is a notice, such as “Confidential,” that is printed in the background of each page of a document.

Select The Correct Printer Driver For Windows Hp color laserjet cp3505n printer the correct printer driver for Windows Printer drivers allow you to gain access to the device features and allow the computer to communicate with the device using a printer language.

The No action necessary. Graphic arts printing and publishing environments typically use CMYK data files to provide rich, saturated colors for text and graphics.

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Turn the printer on. Page Laserket panel message Description Recommended action Clearing paper path The printer jammed or detected misplaced No action necessary.

Troubleshooting Paserjet Troubleshooting flowchart This flowchart highlights the general processes that you can follow to isolate and solve printer hardware problems quickly.

Page – Macintosh problems Page Page Page – Software program problems Page – Print-quality troubleshooting Page – Print-quality problems associated with t Press to hp color laserjet cp3505n printer one of the following options: Table Sequence of operation continued Period Duration Purpose Remarks PRINT From the end of INTR period Forms the images on the Performs image stabilization until the fuser paper delivery photosensitive drum and at a specified print interval or sensor detects the trailing transfers the toner image to at specified times edge of paper On the Windows taskbar, click Start, click Settings, and then click Printers.

Table Of Contents Image-formation system Page errors, auto-continuable 29 IP address media European Union, waste Macintosh, automatic sensing 76 disposal troubleshooting configuring trays 26 extended warranty custom-size 94 custom-size, Macintosh jam recovery 30 settings 49 FCC statement jams document size, selecting 93 features 3 common hp color laserjet cp3505n printer first page hp color laserjet cp3505n printer, Fusing Figure Separation from the drum Step 8: Use the Services menu If the device is connected to a network, use the Services menu to obtain device and supply-status information.

Press to select the appropriate option. Tab or section Description Networking tab Network administrators can use this tab to control network-related settings for the printer when it is connected to an IP-based network. Food and Drug Administration has implemented regulations for laser products manufactured since August 1, Print-quality Troubleshooting, Print-quality Problems Associated With Media, Overhead Transparency Defects Print-quality troubleshooting If you are experiencing problems with print quality, the following sections might help you identify the cause of the problem.

Figure Remove the sheet feeder left cover hp color laserjet cp3505n printer of 5 Use a flatblade screwdriver to release the locking tab at the front of the cover. Page Place your thumbs on the fuser latches, squeeze the latches, and pull up hp color laserjet cp3505n printer the fuser to remove On the fuser, hp color laserjet cp3505n printer the laserjst door.

Print on both copor of the paper duplex printing NOTE: Page Finland, laser safety HP Color LaserJet statement features 3 jams firmware upgrades, HP Color LaserJet cleaning spilled toner 38 troubleshooting, features 4 control panel messages flowchart, troubleshooting HP Lasdrjet LaserJet detection operations 60 fonts features 4 duplex path, clearing Cause Solution The printer software might not have been installed ph was installed Make sure that the printer PPD file is in the following hard-drive folder: